UCL: Real Madrid vs Liverpool Match

Both of the Real Madrid and Liverpool are all set to meet up again

On a good side

Be noted that Real Madrid’s series of poor matches ended in the match last weekend

That’s when coach Carlo Ancelotti’s army had a jubilant 3-1 victory over Espanyol

And then to return to the winning track and continue to chase Barcelona in the match.

Do not forget Liverpool will be looking to bounce back



The first leg three weeks ago, Real Madrid had an excellent competition to knock down the Anfield fortress with a score of 5-2 even though the host Liverpool took a 2-0 lead after only 14 minutes of rolling the ball.

Then however, it seems that the tension in competition with Liverpool has caused Real Madrid players to run out of energy when in a row they were drawn to Atletico Madrid and Real Betis in La Liga, and received defeat right on the field. the BernabĂ©u in the first leg of the semi-final of the King’s Cup of Spain.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool match is today and it’s up now for everyone

La Liga championship race, when 9 points behind the great rival while the season only has 13 more rounds to close the curtain.

On the opposite side of the field, the lack of stability is the clearest image that makes a disastrous season for Liverpool.

Yes, immediately after the historic defeat against Real Madrid, coach Juergen Klopp’s army returned with a draw with Crystal Palace, defeating Wolves and then the “humiliation” of MU with a score of 7-0. However, when the excitement was on the rise, The Kop lost themselves with a defeat to the bottom team of the English Premier League, Bournemouth last weekend.

And now marching to the Bernabeu tonight, Liverpool are having a very poor performance in the away trips, when they have only won 1/5 of their recent matches in all competitions with 3 defeats.

Of course we know not to mention, history is also turning its back on The Kop, when from 2014 to now, Real Madrid and Liverpool have met 7 times, in which the Spanish Royal team completely overwhelmed with 6 victories and 1 draw.

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