UCL: FC Porto vs Inter Milan

Porto and Inter Milan are good and all square up tonight.

For this match, the fans of the country of pasta are still not really reassured

That’s because Inter Milan still has the second leg to take place tonight.

And unlike the first leg confrontation

The coach Inzaghi’s teachers and students are the ones who benefit from the field when they have to play at the Dragao lair.

And Inter will be hope for complete three points today



Inter Milan temporarily prevailed against Porto in the race for a ticket to the next round of the Champions League quarter-finals of the 2022/23 European Cup. Accordingly, the Milan team won 1-0 against Porto in the first leg of the round of 16 two weeks ago.

Porto vs Inter Milan match on Tuesday UCL match

In fact, with what Porto has shown this season, the distance of 1 goal does not make Inter Milan feel secure. Remember, Porto is in sublime form when losing 2 of the last 26 matches in all competitions.

At home, the Dragons won 9 and lost only 1 time in the last 10 matches. With the current form, Porto is confident enough to turn the tide against Inter in the 1/8 round.

Definitely of course, with a slightly inferior quality, experts appreciate the high probability that the Dragao home team will only get a minimal victory.

If you look at the confrontation results in recent years, the possibility that tonight’s match between Porto and Inter has a minimal difference is likely to happen. Remember, the last 3 confrontations had the same scenario with a 1 goal difference.

And also with the above prediction, NHM can choose odd ratio position. Remember, the last 3 confrontations between them have an odd number of goals.

Looking carefully at it in parallel, the last 6/7 matches of Porto and the last 3/4 matches of Inter Milan also have odd goals.

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