UCL: Eintracht Frankfurt vs Napoli

Victor Osimhen side Napoli will take on Frankfurt tonight

The home side, Eintracht Frankfurt’s form since the beginning of 2023 is very good.

And we know they won 4 wins, drew 2 and lost only 1/7 matches

According to records that was since the beginning of the year.

Now in particular, the defending champion of the Europa League 2021/22 won all 4 home matches.

Again we know that Napoli will be looking for response in the game



Take note that in the group stage, Eintracht Frankfurt is tied with Tottenham, Sporting Lisbon and Marseille.

And they only won second place in this group. Meanwhile, Napoli is ranked first in the group with Liverpool, Ajax Amsterdam and Glasgow Rangers.

Frankfurt vs Napoli UCL match today is on tonight

In the opposite direction, Napoli is almost unrivaled and “alone” in the Serie A championship race this season. In the domestic tournament, at this time, Luciano Spaletti’s army was 15 points away from the second ranked team (Inter Milan), even though the tournament had only gone through 23 rounds.

Team News
Eintracht Frankfurt: Sebastian Rode has not been able to play.

Napoli: Raspadori is absent due to injury

Therefore this is the first time the two teams have faced each other in history.

However, Napoli’s current form is much better than the opponent. In the group stage, they also had the first 5 matches with all wins, soon winning tickets to the 1/8 round before “releasing” and losing to Liverpool in the last round.

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