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EPL: West Ham United vs Nottingham Forest

The top match West Ham vs Nottingham game is also today.

Be noted that in the immediate future

Surely the sledgehammer will be a match against Nottingham Forest and then Brighton and Aston Villa in turn.

Those will be the matches for coach David Moyes and his students

Just to accumulate points in the relegation battle. They are currently only 18th in the rankings.

However, West Ham will be looking for response in the English Premier League



It seems that West Ham’s crisis has temporarily passed when recently, they have continuously had good results against very strong opponents. Specifically, the London team drew Newcastle and Chelsea, only to lose to Tottenham.

West Ham vs Nottingham Forest match is up and now

On the opposite side, Nottingham Forest is showing signs of slowing down in the last few rounds. There’s no denying that the launch of tons of money and the change of gameplay has made Nottingham a lot better, but things are still very difficult.

West Ham force information : Paqueta, Zouma and Cornet are absent due to injury.

The Nottingham Forest: Many pillars are being treated for injuries such as: Kouyate, Biancone, Yates, Henderson, Awoniyi, Boly, McKenna.

The home team of The City Ground has 25 points and is only 5 points more than the dangerous group, ie West Ham itself. But just holding a draw with Man City has brought excitement to this team.

Of course the problem is that they play pretty bad away when they lose 7/11 matches from the beginning of the season (only won 1 match).

Releasesky Premier League

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