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EPL: Crystal Palace vs Tottenham 2023

In the past 3 years, Tottenham has often received unfavorable results

That is when having to be a guest on the pitch of the neighboring team Crystal Palace.

Specifically, the Spurs only got 2 draws and lost 2 times in the last 4 matches as a guest at Crystal Palace in all competitions.

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

Back to tonight’s away match on the opponent’s field,

Tottenham are not well prepared in terms of mentality and performance and it is not surprising

And if they will have the 5th match in a row that cannot beat Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

Remember, coach Conte’s teachers and students are showing signs of decline when losing 1 and drawing 1 in the last 2 rounds in the Premier League.

And More broadly, the Rooster did not win up to 5/7 recent matches at the No. 1 tournament in the country of fog, thereby being knocked out of the top 4.

Contrary to its neighbour, Crystal Palace entered tonight’s London derby with a relaxed psychological momentum. It is known that coach Vieria’s teachers and students have just had an impressive 2-0 victory at Bournemouth and won 3/5 recent rounds in the English Premier League.

Releasesky Premier League

With the current form and added home advantage, Zaha and his teammates confidently won points against Tottenham in the great battle tonight.

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