BOXING: Tyson Fury vs Ngannou

BOXING: Tyson Fury vs Ngannou

Tyson Fury Boxing fight tonight is live on releasesky – Tyson Fury vs Ngannou

Surely, it will mark former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou’s first boxing bout – and he’s starting against a man considered by many to be the best of his weight class in undefeated lineal and WBC heavyweight champion Fury.

And the highly anticipated 10-round showdown is a non-title fight, yet Fury claims there is more on the line for him now than in any of his previous battles.

The King, Tyson Fury is standing shirtless, next to his old man, John, And also shirtless. Which is some sight on relsease sky

Especially given Francis Ngannou – that African hero all heavy hands and UFC title, at least right up until quitting his throne for opportunities like this one – is yet to strip off his own electric blue, patterned jacket for the face offs.

Then base on some facts and grounds, Although in a few moments, he will.

Releasesky Tyson Fury vs Francis is Live

Tyson Fury vs Ngannou

Then forcing security to then push Fury senior, wonderfully still pointing and jawing, just as he’s done for the past 30 minutes, out of the necessary camera shot.

Additionally, all while Mike Tyson, that baddest mother…er who ever lived, releasesky fights xyz and ng even com stands off the shoulder of Ngannou while shouting for the fourth, maybe fifth time this particular morning now

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