BOXING: Deontey Wilder vs Packer

Deontay wilder fight live on releasesky streaming

Yes, despite whatever questions you have about Joshua, Wallin’s reputation is almost entirely based on cutting Tyson Fury that one time that could’ve arguably forced a stoppage.

And now the fact is, however, that it didn’t and he lost that fight. Francis Ngannou also dropped Tyson Fury once, and I don’t think that makes him some great boxer either.

Bottom line is, Wallin might pose some difficulties for Joshua here, but I don’t think he beats him unless Joshua just completely folds. Joshua UD-12

John Hansen (103-41)
If there’s a major upset to be had on this card, this is the fight. Joshua has looked some variety of unsteady, uncertain, or uninspiring in every fight since his shocking upset loss to Andy Ruiz Jr four-and-a-half years ago, but he has managed to look at least 10-20 percent better than opponents beneath his talent level, and I think Wallin falls in that category.

Even in Wallin’s biggest performance, his success came early against Tyson Fury. And once Fury woke up, he dominated the last half of the fight. Joshua obviously knows what Wallin did that night, and won’t be surprised by him like Fury might have been.

So therefore Joshua’s dominant strategy since Ruiz has been caution, and that should save him from any real threat Wallin will present. Joshua UD-12

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