EPL: Chelsea vs Aston Villa Match

Chelsea will take on Villa today by 3pm

For sure be noted that, the situation of the Stamford Bridge team is still not too optimistic.

And up to the present time

This same Chelsea is only modestly ranked 10th in the table with 38 points

That’s after 27 matches played in the Premier League this season.

However, Chelsea will be looking to take all three points today



The blues, Chelsea is going through a tumultuous season when changing champions midstream. They fired coach Tuchel and brought in Brighton’s strategist Potter to avoid a failed season.

Chelsea vs Aston Villa match is today now

Although they played 1 match less than the 4th ranked team Tottenham, but with the most optimistic fans, they are not too confident that their beloved Chelsea team will finish in the group participating in the European C1 Cup.

Everything is more difficult when bad luck often chases the London team. After the recent FIFA Days series, Chelsea’s injury list is even longer when there are 10 players injured and not physically fit.

So with erratic form and more squad chipped by injuries, NHM is not surprised if Chelsea will receive another unfavorable result in this weekend’s round of the Premier League.

Just that You need to know, their opponent is the stubborn name Aston Villa and the risk of Chelsea losing points is huge. Remember, Aston Villa has just had a 4-match unbeaten run (3 wins and 1 draw) in the English PL.


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