Derby: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

In today’s Madrid derby, Real Madrid take on Atletico

At this time, Real Madrid is still second with 51 points

That definitely is after 22 rounds and 8 points behind the top team Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Atlético Madrid is fourth with 41 points

That is 2 points behind the third team Sociedad but also 4 points behind the team behind Betis.

However, Real Madrid will be looking for response in the Spanish League



Okay the highlight match of the 23rd round of the Spanish national championship La Liga will be the match between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. This is not just a Madrid derby, but also a match between two teams that are in the Top 4.

Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid match today and it’s up and running

After losing to Mallorca in early February, Real Madrid is having 5 recent wins in a row, including wins at the FIFA Club World Cup as well as recently a 5-2 victory over Liverpool in the 1/8 round of the cup. European C1. Obviously, Real Madrid’s form is very high.

Meanwhile, Atlético Madrid also has 3 wins and 1 draw in recent matches after losing to Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the King’s Cup.

However, that definitely is excluding this loss, Atlético Madrid is winning 7, drawing 1 in the last 8 tours.

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